A benchmarking poll for Opt-Out Preference Signals (GPC)

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck

The Sephora enforcement action has the digital media industry in a bind. Many companies have been waiting for a range of implementation questions to be resolved through the CPRA rulemaking process before adopting GPC, but the California AG is already dropping the hammer.  Some companies have already signaled that they will adopt GPC in the aftermath of the action, but even these companies are working through questions about how, exactly, they will proceed.

Only for California IPs?  Regardless of who is generating the signal?  Will it be an NAI/DAA style opt-out?  Will it be transient or persistent?  You can’t look to the law or the rulemaking process for any guidance on these questions (yet).

Lucid Privacy Group is conducting a poll to help the industry benchmark approaches to GPC ahead of the conclusion of CPRA rulemaking this quarter.  If you are a digital media industry participant, or a commercial website/app operator, please share with us your intended approach to GPC. We'll be happy to share the aggregated results with you when the the poll is closed.

Participate in the Lucid Opt-Opt Preference Signals poll.