About Lucid


Global Privacy

Lucid Privacy Group works with businesses at the intersection of privacy, data & technology.

Industry leader

Lucid Privacy is an industry leader with 10 years of experience providing practical privacy solutions to businesses balancing commercial objectives, marketplace configuration, and technical constraints.

Practical privacy services

We provide practical hands-on privacy services to support the needs of your company, ensuring your privacy program is prioritized and delivered.

Expert strategic support

We deliver expert strategic support and external operations to regulatory compliance solutions so you can keep focusing on your business’s growth.

Experts in global privacy

We are experts in global privacy regulations who understand the commercial and technical limitations driven from privacy concerns and we are prepared to deliver support across all privacy compliance operations.

Wide client base

With our wide client base, you can benchmark your privacy program relative to industry peers.

Technical and product level expertise

We offer technical and product level expertise across a range of services to meet the level of your business needs: from a dedicated privacy resource, privacy program development, to custom services.