Lucid References: California Readiness Record (CCPA/CPRA)

With the new California privacy law, CPRA,  coming into force in January, many companies are conducting reviews to ensure that they understand how CPRA will apply to their business and what they will need to do to comply.  The process has been complicated with CPRA sitting on top of the CCPA, and rule making processes adding new obligations (and some clarifications) on top of both laws.  To make matters worse, the latter law’s rule making process is still ongoing, meaning that further changes may be coming.

As for early next year, expect finalized CPRA rules in January or February, with the enforcement agency engaging in actual enforcement beginning as early as July.

With all of this in mind, Lucid has combined both laws and all rule making to date into a single California Readiness Record, which we are releasing today as a public reference.  Please feel free to use the document as a compliance and applicability checklist.  If you have any questions or feedback about the document, please let us know!  We want the document to be as thorough, clear,  and useful as possible.

The California Readiness Record is the first of several US state law preparation documents that Lucid will release in the coming weeks.  More soon!

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