Lucid releases Connecticut Readiness Record (CDPA)

July 1, 2023, is now the most famous date on the calendar for privacy professionals in the US, and Connecticut has elbowed in on the fun.  While the Connecticut Data Privacy Act (CTDPA) will become effective on July 1 of this year, the law includes a grace period for enforcemement ending on December 31, 2024.  Nonetheless, complanies will want to be compliant with the law immediately, even though the cops have promised to be gentle for the first 18 months.

To help you keep pace with the law, and to help you evaluate whether your business meets thresholds of applicability, Lucid is releasing our Connecticut Readiness Record as a public reference.  As with all of these new state laws, we are expecting the practical requirements to evolve as rule making and enforcement activities clarify many of the fuzzy borders.  We’ll plan to update these resources as necessary over time.

Connecticut Readiness Record

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